Geological Oceanography (OCG540)
Geological Oceanography provides an overview of the geology and geophysics of the ocean basins, including their structure, plate tectonic history, volcanology, geochemistry, and sedimentary stratigraphy. Offered in the spring semester.

Marine Geophysics (OCG552)
Survey of basic subdisciplines of global geophysics including plate tectonics, gravity, magnetics, reflection, and refraction seismology. Basic theory and methods of data collection and interpretation emphasized. Offered in the fall semester of odd-numbered years.

Geodynamics seminar (OCG694)
Topics of current interest in geodynamics, seismology, geophysics and geochemistry.

Advanced Seismology (OCG693)
Theory and computational methods in seismology. Various applications of seismic methods including body and surface wave tomography, shear-wave splitting, and receiver functions. Offered at the Graduate School of Oceanography or jointly with Karen Fischer (Brown University) in the fall semester of even-numbered years.

Geophysical Inverse Method
Offered jointly with Jim Miller (Ocean Engineering).

Earthquake Geology