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"Seawolf" clusters
The Seismology Lab currently operates two linux clusters with a total of 512 CPU cores and ~90 TB of disk space (see photos of assembly of the older cluster sponsored by the National Science Foundation). The clusters are used for simulation of wave propagation in 3D heterogeneous earth and full-wave seismic tomography.

Broadband Seismometers
The Lab has eight broadband seismometers. The instruments have been used for teaching and in field experiments.

Ocean Bottom Seismometer Facility
The U.S. National Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool provides instrumentation to support research to further our understanding of the ocean planet. Funded through the NSF, the Pool makes ocean bottom seismic equipment available to all interested researchers in private and public institutions.

PASSCAL Instrument Center
A NSF sponsored facility whose main purpose is to provide equipments for researchers across the country to do field research in seismology.