The 12 May, 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

Ground Motion Simulation The following movie shows the simulated fault-parallel component of ground shaking generated by the main shock. The long-side of the rectangular area of the simulation box is roughly parallel to the fault zone (in the direction of N50E). The Sichuan basin is the flat area on the shaded topography background. Color indicates ground particle velocity in m/s. Note the strong ground motion to the right (in the NE direction) due to the northeastward rupture of the fault and the effects of sediment in the Sichuan Basin.

The USGS finite fault model, CRUST 2.0 model, and TOPO30 model are used in the simulation.

(Wei Zhang, Yang Shen, University of Rhode Island; Xiaofei Chen, University of Science and Technology of China. Publication: Science in China Series D: Earth Sciences, Dec. 2008).