Yang Shen            Brian Savage            Matt Wei

Postdoctoral Investigators

Xueyang Bao: seismic tomography, attenuation
Nian Wang: computational seismology
Samuel Bell: marine seismology, joint InSAR and seismic source inversion

Graduate Students

Jiahang Li: Passive-source reverse time migration. Advisor: Shen
Aaron Hirsch: Ontong Java Plateau. Advisor: Savage

Visiting Students and Scientists

Meng Gong (Visiting Ph.D student, Earthquake Administration, Heibei Seismological Bureau)

Undergraduate Students

Support Staff

Rhonda Kenny

Former Group Members

Ashton Flinders (Ph.D 2016, USGS mendenhall Postdoc Fellow)
Erica Emry (NSF Postdoc Fellow 2014-2015, now at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology)
Xiuqing Song (Visiting Scholar, Earthquake Administration, Shanghai Manicipality)
Guihong Guo (Visiting Scholar, Lanzhou University)
Brian Covellone (Ph.D 2014)
Yong Yu (Visiting Student 2015, Peking University)
Jihua Fu (Visiting Scholar, China Earthquake Administration)
Liping Fan (Visiting Student 2012-2013, China Earthquake Administration)
Haiying Gao (Postdoc 2011-2013, now Assist. Prof. at UMass Amherst)
Jianshe Lei (Visiting Scholar, China Earthquake Administration)
Xinfu Li (Visiting Scholar, China University of Geosciences, Beijing)
Xiang Ding (Visiting Scholar, China Earthquake Administration)
Meng Gong (Visiting Student 2010, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, currently at Heibei Seismological Bureau)
Zhigang Zhang (Ph.D 2010, currently at Los Alamos National Lab)
Wei Zhang (Postdoc 2007-2010, currently a faculty member at University of Science and Technology of China)
Dr. Yong Ren (Postdoc 2007-2009, currently at University of Leeds)
Li Zhao (Visiting Scholar, summers 2007-2008)
Xiaofeng Liang (Ph.D 2008, visiting student from Peking University, currently Associate Researcher at Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Weiwei Tong and Junjie Liu
Shu-Huei Hung (Visiting Scholar, summers 2001-2005)
Ting Yang (PhD 2005, postdoc 2006, currently a faculty member at Tongji University)
Elizabeth Kusel (postdoc 2005-2007, currently at Oregon State University)
Jennifer Georgen (postdoc 2001-2003, currently a faculty member at Old Dominion University)

Undergraduate Research Assistants and SURFOs:
John Lodise (SURFO, summer 2014, meteorological tsunamis)
Ryan Cabral (URI undergraduate research project, fall 2011, empirical Green's functions of the eastern U.S.)
Ron Camara (URI undergraduate research project, fall 2010, effects of glacial melting on seismic wave propagation)
Robert Dubuc (SURFO, summer 2006, tsunami-seafloor interaction; currently sales engineer at Flotek)
John Mischler (SURFO, summer 2004, earthquakes at the Lucky strike, Mid-Atlantic Ridge; currently Ph.D student at university of Colorado, Boulder)
Danielle Stroup (SURFO, summer 2003, T-phases and tsunamigenic earthquakes; Ph.D, LDEO; currently a visiting scientist at USGS)
John Blum (SURFO, 2002-2003, mantle discontinuities beneath Africa; Ph.D, Scripps; currently senior geophysicist at Exxonmobil)
Rachael Potts (URI undergraduate research project, 2001, storm-generated seismic noise)
Robin Glas (SURFO, summer 2001, mantle discontinuities)
Lauren Fry (SURFO, summer 2000, mantle discontinuities; Ph.D, Michigan Tech; currently research fellow at NOAA)
Michael Cardiff (SURFO, summer 1999, mantle discontinuities; Ph.D, Stanford; currently Assistant Prof., Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison)
Sarah McDonald (Undergraduate research intern, 1998-1999, earthquakes at the East Pacific Rise)